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You Are The #1 Search Result For Every Person Closest To Your Business

No local business has the funds to create the technology required to compete with Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon. We are building enterprise technology in two phases, Search and Storefront in 2020 and optional Chat and Checkout in 2021, that gives local businesses the opportunity to compete in the curbside and virtual shopping markets.

Even walk-in business is going virtual. If we do not build this technology, these rapidly emerging markets will be dominated entirely by national big box retailers and Amazon, further decimating local business revenue.

Virtualstorefront.co is a Local Search Engine for a savvy demographic of high-value “Shop Local Fans” that connects exclusively to locally-owned businesses, giving local merchants the unfair advantage they need to compete with multinationals in the digital future. All multinational chains are excluded from the platform.

Your business’s Storefront a simple inclusive tool designed for broad adoption by non-technical merchants and their customers that opens up local audiences and cash flow for businesses whose first priority is customer service and sales. Virtual Storefronts positions your business for the 21st century, giving local merchants access to the growing market of customers who will never set foot in a store.

If you are looking for our Online Press Kit, YouTube Videos, Facebook Campaigns and other documentation of our extensive external media please visit the Media Page.

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USpace Mission: Solve Problems, Protect People

Our Technology Is Built On A Foundation Of Security, Privacy and Safety

USpace is an independently-owned technology company with no ties to Silicon Valley or venture capital. We develop technology networks designed for adoption by the general public to safely and efficiently conduct real life business. Virtual Storefronts is our second product. At USpace, “The future of business is secure, private and safe.” You can learn more about USpace at USpace.co

You can read the USpace Vision Statement below.

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Our Team

Virtualstorefront.co Is Powered by Atlanta Technology Firm USpace

Tobin Brogunier, Cofounder and CEO

Tobin Brogunier USpace Chief Executive Officer

Tobin is Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of USpace, the Atlanta-based company that builds USpace Professional Services on iOS, Android and www.unpublished.space web apps. Tobin has worked in media, marketing and digital sales for major corporations and small businesses across the U.S. over the past 25 years. As CEO he manages marketing, legal, and product vision. Tobin has published articles and produced videos for Entrepreneur, CoFounders Town, SuperbCrew.com, Privacy Matters, and other publications. Member International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).


Sam Agarwal, Cofounder and CTO

Sam Agarwal USpace Chief Technology Officer

Sam is Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of USpace, the Atlanta-based company that builds the USpace Professional Services on iOS, Android and www.unpublished.space web apps. Sam guides the development process of USpace technology product development across every mobile and backend application. Sam leads an experienced team of full-stack mobile app developers and web designers. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is a candidate at Georgia Tech for Masters of Computer Science. Sam mentors startups as Advisor of Mobile App Technology for the Atlanta Tech Village, one of the leading U.S. co-working space entities located in Atlanta.


Greg Morin, Financial Operations Advisor

Greg Morin USpace Financial Operations Advisor

Greg provides accounting and bookkeeping expertise to the USpace team. Greg has worked with multiple technology startups and manages technical development for his business Seachem. As USpace Financial Operations Advisor, Morin (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Notre Dame) brings his experience as Chief Financial Officer at Seachem Laboratories (seachem.com), a Georgia-based manufacturer and global supplier of freshwater, saltwater and reef aquarium products. Seachem has been supplying ornamental aquarium markets since 1980 with products available in over 50 countries worldwide.


Mike Boyle, Executive Advisor to CEO

Mike Boyle USpace Advisor to CEO

Mike is an experienced executive with both public company and start-up organizations. Mike has served as a P&L executive as GM, SVP, COO and CEO. Tested and successful in sales, marketing, manufacturing, product development, software development, finance, budgeting, strategic planning, mergers/acquisitions, negotiations, staff development and recruiting, an entrepreneurial catalyst for the development of new business and expansion of existing products/services.


Tobin Sprout, Media Strategy Advisor

Tobin Sprout USpace Media Strategy Advisor

Tobin officially advises the business on media and audience strategy, publicity, and media. A founding member of seminal indie rock band Guided By Voices, Sprout wrote and collaborated on legendary albums like Bee Thousand, ranked #1 in Amazon’s Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time. Since the late 1990s, Sprout has been recording as a solo artist and is currently releasing new music. For over 30 years, Sprout has been quietly creating inspired and technically superb photorealist and expressionist paintings.


Dan Tentler, Information Security Advisor

Dan Tentler USpace Information Security Advisor

Dan has been leading information security firm Phobos Group (Phobos.io) since 2016 after years working at companies like FICO, BT, Intuit, Rapid7 and Twitter as an Information Security Engineer and Consultant. Dan has made a name for himself by creating novel ways to fingerprint internet-connected assets, and automated that into Phobos Group’s repertoire of services. Phobos Group is currently debuting “Phobos Orbital Reconnaissance”, an automated subscription platform for discovering and enumerating internet connected assets to find likely candidates for attackers to exploit. He has been a featured speaker at many leading Information Security conferences across the United States and abroad, including DEFCon, BSides, Sec-T, Hack in the Box and many more.

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Our Vision Is A Future Of Privacy And Safety For Life Online

USpace Vision Statement: Online For Good

Technology is no longer a specialty, it’s an environment we enter every day and perpetually into the future. Online is now a distinct human habitat. 

Just like we live our physical lives in an environment subject to all kinds of positive and negative factors, we live in an online environment subject to different kinds of positive and negative factors.

USpace has been created to minimize negative factors and maximize positive benefits of the online network at global scale.

USpace rejects the sale of our private lives online to advertisers and has instead created a digital world designed to mirror how we retain our unique physical world identities. 

Unlike email, USpace offers fully private communication between businesses and their customers. Businesses provide rooms on USpace, giving customers a premium channel.

We believe the advantages within the digital realm should be used to protect, not diminish, our rights as individuals:

  • We live in homes with walls, not in open barns with millions of other people
  • We have private conversations with trusted people; we don’t broadcast everything we say to everyone we may or may not know by publishing it
  • We socialize differently with different groups of people; most of us don’t want to create a two dimensional version of ourselves that’s designed to be acceptable to everyone
  • We conduct our business discreetly to maximize profit and build relationships; we don’t leak personal information to third parties for a quick buck
  • We keep our ideas private until we decide they are ready to be shared with the world; we wouldn’t give Ford the keys to our invention just because a Ford engine provides the power for it
  • We avoid conversations having no idea if who we are talking with is real or fake, human or robot
  • We can organize what’s important ourselves; we don’t constantly need to filter what someone else decides is valuable with their algorithm

Privacy and discretion make life online safe, hospitable and abundant. There is no reason these features can’t be built into the technology we depend on to communicate every day, so we built them into USpace. 

New technologies can make it easy to forget the inalienable human rights that have brought our society centuries of progress. As we adapt to the Digital Age, USpace provides an oasis that makes it possible to pursue a successful professional life and maintain a peaceful personal life online.

 A collaboration of USpace Members and staff.
February 14, 2020 • Atlanta, Georgia