"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

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Merchant Ambassadors exhibit the spirit of civic engagement from an earlier time and combine it with a set of technology skills of today. Ambassadors work with local businesses to help all stakeholders leverage the power of localized technology to fuel local businesses.

Ambassadors are freelance contractors paid $50 per Storefront setup. Ambassador training grounds Ambassadors in the skills necessary to work with Merchants and deliver a high quality Virtual Storefront. Our 4-Week Ambassador Training Starts on the First Monday of Each Month at 4pm. Join Ambassador Training at bit.ly/ambzoom

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Ambassadors are NOT sales people, but you you do represent our Company to the Merchant Customer. As an Ambassador you can share the benefits of Virtual Storefronts with others who may benefit from it if they buy it. Learn more on Home and Proof pages about our pitch.

Local Shops Work Together To Be a Bigger Presence Online
Local Shops Work Together To Be a Bigger Presence Online