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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Storefronts

Any locally-owned, non-major franchise (14 or less locations) business that maintains regular hours and serves the public is qualified to create and maintain a Storefront on Nonprofits, Veterans Organizations, Churches, Social Service Orgs and Economic Development organizations are qualified. Local government officials and departments can host a Storefront and communicate directly with the public with their Storefront Feed.

  • If you are uncertain if you qualify, you can take this 4 question quiz on our website to determine if you are eligible. Storefronts are determined eligible at the sole discretion of Uspace, the company that builds Virtual Storefronts.

Local Retail, Local Restaurants, Professional Services & more

Churches, Nonprofits, Veterans Organizations, Arts Organizations, Economic Development Organizations, Food Cupboards, Mayors, Local Government Departments & more

Food Trucks, Mobile Services & more

Hosted Businesses like food trucks, landscaping services, and mobile service operators generally serve the public ‘on-site.’ “Hosted” means your business is approved by our company to be pinned to our office at 146 Main St, Andrews, NC 28901. Because we are vouching for your business with our location, there is an additional handling charge of $100.

Every Storefront requires a location that can be accessed by the public because every Storefront is pinned to a physical location on

We guarantee we make useful information available to Google, but we can’t guarantee Google will show it.

Merchant Ambassadors are local people working in the United States who we contract to create your Virtual Storefront for you.

Ambassadors are paid $50 for each local business they put online. Ambassadors translate your business into keywords – a kind of word painting of your business.

The keyword ‘picture’ of your business makes your shop accessible to Google and online shoppers browsing your Storefront to learn about your shop.

No. You can save $50 at signup and do a DIY setup. The video “From Registration To Completed Storefront In 5 Minutes Demo” shows you how our Self-Onboarding Flow can be used to create a Storefront in 5 mintues.

We are localizing technology jobs by connecting younger workers with local businesses that need to get online. Ambassadors are independent contractors who can work in states all over the country for $50 per Storefront created. The minimum required age to work for Virtual Storefronts varies from state to state.

Anyone who can use a smartphone can create Storefronts by logging into Virtual Storefronts and working to create Storefronts as easily as Facebook profiles.

The core skills you need as an Ambassador are 1. basic social skills and ability to interact with business owners, 2. fluency in contemporary technology platform operation like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc and 3. an ability to translate a business into a list of keywords as we have done for dozens of businesses at already – many Ambassadors have the heart of a writer.

Personal integrity; accountability to your team, your customer and your deliverables; dedication to being a useful person and basic honesty are not optional for Merchant Ambassadors who represent our company to the world.

Merchant Ambassadors can be local or remote. To learn more write “Merchant Ambassador Request” in the subject line of an email and send it to support at

Claim Your Unique URL For Your Store – It Never Changes at

Up To 50 Keywords That Bring Shoppers To Your Shop From Our Local Search Engine (currently we are not limiting keywords)

One Year or One Month Subscription, Guaranteed Renewal With Same URL

Automated Onboarding Setup In 5 Minutes (see demo on YouTube)

Ambassador Keyword Creation – With Setup

Ambassador Business Profile Setup – With Setup

Instantly Edit Your Business Profile Anytime With Admin Console (easier than editing a Facebook Page)

View Business Profile Changes With Admin Console – 24/7/365 Editing Access

View Full Page Preview With Admin Console

Full Screen Business Profile Preview

Featured Items Section – Up To 5 Items Included

Highlights Blog Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included

Customer Feedback Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included

3 Posts Per Week To Your Town’s Live Feed Bulletin Board For Local-Only Businesses

Virtual Storefronts Terms Of Use

By Purchasing A Virtual Storefront You Agree To These Terms As Our Merchant Partner

Definitions: By making this purchase of a Virtual Storefront (“Storefront”), you (the “Buyer” and “Merchant Partner”) agree to participate in the Merchant Partner Program for Virtual Storefronts by USPACE as administered by Unpublished Space LLC (the Company) doing business as USPACE of Georgia, USA

Product: Seller agrees to provide Buyer a Virtual Storefront (“Storefront”) as demonstrated in Web App located at Buyer agrees to hold seller harmless for any errors or omissions related to the fulfillment of their Storefront; publishing of their data correct or incorrect; or any interaction or representation of Buyer’s business with visitors to the website and web app or any future related application containing Buyer’s data.

Timeframe Of Annual Subscriptions: Your annual subscription begins on the date of purchase and includes the time it takes for the Company and its Merchant Ambassadors to assist Buyer in creating and building your Storefront before it is published. Buyer has the option of creating your own Storefront before purchase. After purchase and review of Storefront for compliance with our Terms of Use and Standards of Good Faith, your Storefront will be published. If there are no issues, changes or corrections, your Storefront is usually published ‘live’ within 3 days of purchase.

Covers All Products And Services Offered To Buyers: These Terms and Conditions govern all other products and services provided to all Buyers of Virtual Storefronts and Unpublished Space LLC (the Company) products and services including but not limited to advertising services, product upgrades and alternative services.

Good Faith: This agreement is entered into by both parties in Good Faith, meaning that each party holds itself responsible for upholding basic ethical standards required to conduct business in a reasonable, honest, and lawful manner. Buyers found by the Company in violation of Good Faith may forfeit the privilege of having their Storefront published at the discretion of the Company without further compensation.

Arbitration: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Any legal action arising after arbitration is governed by the laws of the State of Georgia and the United States where applicable.

Fair Use For Promotion: Unless Buyer specifically requests that images that represent your business as a Merchant Partner not be used for public disclosures on video, print and web, and other reasonable disclosure and promotion of your participation in, we reserve the right to use this information for promotion on all channels.

Delivery of Data: Buyer understands that certain data is required from them for Virtual Storefronts to fulfill product delivery. Buyer agrees to not hold Seller responsible for delivery of product, refund or liability in any instance in which Seller has not been provided with data required to produce a Virtual Storefront for the Buyer. Buyers are ultimately responsible for creating and maintaining their own account, data, and other assets on their Storefront as they have access to and ownership of their Storefront at all times via the Merchant Admin Panel feature at

Refund: If USPACE does not, or cannot for whatever reason, provide an “as is” product as demonstrated at, Buyer will be issued a refund for full amount of purchase. Products that are produced and delivered as demonstrated are not refundable. If you are unsatisfied with our product you are guaranteed your money back within 30 days of date of purchase.

Future development: Buyers may be granted certain upgrades to the platform in the future associated with the core Merchant Partner package as the product grows and evolves. In some cases, future upgrades may not be included and may require additional purchases. Upgrades granted and not granted to Buyers in the future are at the sole discretion of the Company.

Terms and Conditions Updates: Buyer understands that purchasing a constantly evolving product means terms and conditions for that product may be adapted and changed to better suit the mission of the product and service in the future. For this reason, Buyer agrees to periodic updates and changes to the Merchant Partner terms of service as they evolve in the future. Renewals occur annually on the date of original purchase by an automated subscription service. Buyers are generally notified of a pending renewal 30 days before renewal. Unless your subscription is canceled, your renewal may be automatically charged to the credit card provided. Updated terms and conditions can be updated any time at which time they will be published online.


Last updated October 1, 2022

Virtual Storefronts Are An Alternative To E-Commerce That Puts Main Street Online.