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Tobin Brogunier Founder and CEO Virtual Storefronts
Tobin Brogunier Founder and CEO Virtual Storefronts

We’re betting the public can learn one web address to make the future of shopping local. 

In an earlier era of the internet, in the year 2000, you didn’t know you could go to a website called, type in a word and discover high quality information from any website in the world about that topic. If you’re like me, you don’t remember when it happened, but you learned to do that.

Twenty years later, you are just learning today that there is a website where you can type in a product or service and discover the local business that has that product. is the Search Engine designed for Shop Local fans across the country. For people like Laura, who shop at Walmart, but would like to shop locally when they can, is the tool that will turn that impulse into a regular habit by bringing the immediacy and convenience of technology to local shopping.

Our marketing strategy is to turn every Shop Owner and every Shopper into an ambassador by providing excellent customer service. Our goal is to be so good at doing our job, that you can’t stop talking about what we are doing to your family and friends.

This isn’t just talk. Our business plan calls for over 2000 U.S.-based customer service reps serving Shoppers and our Merchant Partners at our company in 5 years. Our biggest marketing cost is customer service. We are budgeting now for the future of the technology we want. Technology run by humans for humans.

84% of shoppers trust their local merchants more than other businesses. Our Merchant Partners are trusted spokespeople who will share with the public the unique value brings to the marketplace in 2021.

To read more about our Pilot Area and marketing strategy, see our One Year Virtual Storefront product description.

Your business is locally owned; serves a local retail or service clientele directly; and does not significantly benefit from nationally franchised brand marketing (i.e. McDonald’s).

Every Virtual Storefront will be assigned a dedicated profile URL when it is created.

Your Virtual Storefront is the ‘home base’ for your Business Profile information.

You can request a specific URL like

Custom, dedicated URLs will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Note: Your URL and the URL are not case sensitive. We use capitalization only for legibility and emphasis. 

We are currently publishing your Storefront web solution in under 24 hours after receiving your order. Purchase a Virtual Storefront today, be on a nationwide local search directory tomorrow.

This turnover may be subject to change due to increasing volume.

To bring Local Shops to Local Shoppers as soon as possible, we are launching our service in two phases. “Search and Storefronts” is available now for $99/annual.

“Chat and Checkout” will be an optional upgrade available to every business with a Virtual Storefront. We will be developing Chat and Checkout as early as 2022.

Chat and Checkout virtualizes customer relationships and sales using an order system that allows you to easily sell anything in your shop. 

Virtual Storefronts will make it possible for local merchants to enter the rapidly growing market of ‘curbside customers,’ people who will never set foot in a store to buy something again.

Unpublished Space LLC, with the trade name of USpace®, is a privately held company based in Atlanta, Georgia with no ties to Silicon Valley and a business model that eliminates ads, social publishing, data spying, and algorithm feeds.

Our core product is USpace, the privacy, safety and security foundation on which Virtual Storefronts is built. We started building our core network in 2018.

Our Terms of Service legally obligate our company to respect the data of the people who use our services.

If the product does not work as advertised and we cannot fix it within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your purchase. Period.

USpace Mission: Solve Problems, Protect People

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