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About Keyword Results On Google

The service we provide creates a favorable context that connects your business to all the keywords that describe your business on your Storefront page located at (not case sensitive – our short URL also works at
Our goal is to give Google’s web crawlers exactly what they are looking for – keywords linked to your business – in an easy to collect format – a page with your name in the URL containing that list of keywords.
Assuming Google collects the data properly, which no one can know except them, our keywords inform Google about all aspects of your business.
Only Google can control what Google does with that information and how it returns it to people who Search Google. 
There are many many factors Google uses to determine how these results are generated, many of them unknown outside Google.
Additionally, their criteria for search rankings usually changes several times a year. 
So while we do not guarantee results, we can say that we have created a very good context for your keywords, and one of the biggest overall web presences for local shops. 
We do know that with Google size matters, and by working together with every other local business on VSF, our keyword count is closing in on 5000 keywords fast – a bigger website presence than many corporations have online, giving your business and Storefront a competitive edge online in Google Search. We also support the ranking of your own website by validating the words found on your website; linking to your website from your Storefront; and making your own website presence more authoritative. 

We are moving fast. I recommend Following my Facebook profile if you use Facebook to keep tabs on VS.


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Virtual Storefronts Logo Pennants

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