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Our service is free for the public to use; costs Merchants a flat rate of $99 per year; and gives local shoppers the power to see everything you offer before entering your shop. (click to visit) is a revolutionary Local Search Engine piloting now in Cherokee County, North Carolina.

We are a Dedicated Merchant Network reserved exclusively for local, non-franchise merchantsEnrollment is open to any merchant in the United States.

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Your Shop Is The #1 Search Result For Everyone Around You

Shopper Keyword Shop Local Search Result

Merchants Are The Stars Of Virtual Storefronts

You Are The #1 Search Result For Every Person Closest To Your Business

Instead of being punished by technology because your online presence can’t win at global search and marketing, Virtual Storefronts gives your local business an unfair advantage simply for being where you are – and who you are: An essential part of your commuity.

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We Solve Many Problems For Our Merchants, With No Extra Work

Facebook Google Virtual Storefronts Comparison Chart
Facebook Google Virtual Storefronts Comparison Chart
Virtual Storefronts Logo Pennants

Local Merchants Need A Digital Network Of Their Own & Big Tech Isn't Making It

Virtual Storefronts Brings Local Merchants Into The Local Ecommerce Market Of The Future
Virtual Storefronts Brings Local Merchants Into The Local Ecommerce Market Of The Future

Building An E-Commerce Market For Merchants Isn't Optional, It's Necessary For The Future Economic Health Of Our Communities

Local Commerce Is Rapidly Going Digital, Local E-Commerce Grew 208% Last Year

Local Merchants Are Losing Market Share While Corporations Finance Seamless Virtual Shopping Solutions

Virtual Storefronts Is An Enterprise Solution That Gives Merchants A Place In The Future Of Local Commerce

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Facebook and Google Bully Merchants To Use Their Failed Tools

Big Tech Isn't Just Failing To Bring Local Merchants Into The Market, They Waste Merchant Time, Money and Resources

Big Tech doesn't serve local merchants - the relationship is broken
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Storefront Keywords Show What You Offer To Shoppers, While Google Is Clueless

We work with you to create a keyword cloud that describes every product, brand, service and benefit

Shoppers find you the same way they search to find things on Google and Amazon

After you solve your shopper's search, your Storefront tells them everything they need to plan

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Your Storefront Is Basically Awesome

And Your Storefront Can Take Sales Virtual Later, If You Want

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Not “Another Thing To Manage”
Your time as a business owner is limited, we build technology that respects that fact. Solving problems means not giving you unnecessary technology problems to manage and more online chores. Virtual Storefronts pull shoppers to your business for you. Your is your outgoing company platform, not an inbound review site.

A Permanent URL Address You Can Rely On
is your custom URL and Virtual Storefront. We also call this your “Business Profile” since your business appears to customers across the Virtual Storefronts platform. 

A Beautiful Web Page You Control
For many businesses, your Virtual Storefront will eliminate the need for a website because this dedicated URL is your custom built calling card that anyone in the world can find and browse that shows the world you are aligned with other local businesses in a local-only directory. In addition, your Virtual Storefront is a publicly published Search Engine Optimized dedicated-to-your-business web page full of keywords about your business that search engines like Google can find.

Respect Your Shopper’s Privacy
USpace, the Atlanta technology company that makes, has a simple mission, “Solve Problems, Protect People.” By joining, you are telling your customers that you respect their privacy by choosing USpace, an independent privacy, security and safety technology company. Read the Vision Statement here

Optional Upgrade: Sell Anything Virtually Without Posting It Online
Your Storefront is also your customer’s gateway to our optional Chat & Checkout upgrade coming later in 2021, where you can interact with customers to find out what they want and sell virtually by simply writing up their order. They make the purchase with a single tap. This service will be available for a flat-rate with no commission or hidden expenses. 

Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Over Online Reviews
The online review system has been co-opted by the public for retribution in so many ways it’s hard to count: Revenge reviews, fake competitor reviews, online mob attacks. So we just got rid of reviews entirely. That was easy. And your life is better.

Your Storefront Tells The Story Of Your Shop
When a shopper finds your business searching for one thing, the keyword cloud on your Virtual Storefront will tell them a whole lot more about what they can discover at your shop.

Your Storefront is loaded with key information about your business like location, hours, phone number, web presence and available delivery options – yet requires almost no maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tobin Interviewed By Sherry Raines At WKRK Studios In Murphy, NC, January 6, 2021
Tobin Brogunier, CEO at, Interviewed By Sherry Raines, Director of Cherokee NC Chamber of Commerce, At WKRK Studios In Murphy, NC, January 6, 2021

In an earlier era of the internet, in the year 2000, you didn’t know you could go to a website called, type in a word and discover high quality information from any website in the world about that topic. If you’re like me, you don’t remember when it happened, but you learned to do that.

Twenty years later, you are just learning today that there is a website where you can type in a product or service and discover the local business that has that product. is the Search Engine designed for tens of millions of Shop Local fans across the country. For people like Laura, who shop at Walmart, but would like to shop locally when they can, is the tool that will turn that impulse into a regular habit by bringing the immediacy and convenience of technology to local shopping.

Our marketing strategy is to turn every Shop Owner and every Shopper into an ambassador by providing excellent customer service. Our goal is to be so good at doing our job, that you can’t stop talking about what we are doing to your family and friends.

This isn’t just talk. Our business plan calls for over 2000 U.S.-based customer service reps serving Shoppers and our Merchant Partners at our company in 5 years. Our biggest marketing cost is customer service. We are budgeting now for the future of the technology we want. Technology run by humans for humans.

84% of shoppers trust their local merchants more than other businesses. Our Merchant Partners are trusted spokespeople who will share with the public the unique value brings to the marketplace in 2021.

To read more about our Pilot Area and marketing strategy, see our One Year Virtual Storefront product description.

Locals Are Watching: YouTube viewers in the general public within 30 miles of Murphy, North Carolina chose to watch our ads over 30% of the time overall between January 31 and February 6, 2021, a total of 7,867 times. About 1 in 8 of those 7,867 viewers chose to watch YouTube videos as long as 20 minutes all the way to the end.

In the near future, you will be able to login and create and control your own Business Profile.

You will control everything, like hours, featured items, announcements and keywords.

Virtual Storefronts will simply approve your changes before publishing them on the Local Search Engine

However right now, for our Pilot Program, our company is creating your Business Profile / Storefront Listing for you.

After you purchase your Storefront, you will be directed to an online form. Enter your data there and we’ll have what we need to bring your storefront live.

As of January 24, it is taking less than 24 hours from when you provide your data to going live.

We are currently publishing Storefronts in under 24 hours after receiving your order. Purchase a Virtual Storefront today, be on a nationwide local search directory tomorrow.

This turnover may be subject to change due to increasing volume.

When we introduce access to control your own business profile, you will be able to go live even faster, and make changes to your Virtual Storefront whenever you want.

Every Virtual Storefront will be assigned a dedicated profile URL when it is created.

Your Virtual Storefront is the ‘home base’ for your Business Profile information.

You can request a specific URL like

Custom, dedicated URLs will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Note: Your URL and the URL are not case sensitive. We use capitalization only for legibility and emphasis. 

Your business is locally owned; serves a local retail or service clientele directly; and does not significantly benefit from nationally franchised brand marketing (i.e. McDonald’s).

To bring Local Shops to Local Shoppers as soon as possible, we are launching our service in two phases. “Search and Storefronts” is available now for $99/annual.

“Chat and Checkout” will be an optional upgrade available to every business with a Virtual Storefront.

We are developing for release in mid-2021. Chat and Checkout virtualizes customer relationships and sales using an order system that allows you to easily sell anything in your shop.

Virtual Storefronts will make it possible for local merchants to enter the rapidly growing market of ‘curbside customers,’ people who will never set foot in a store to buy something again.

Unpublished Space LLC, with the trade name of USpace®, is a privately held company based in Atlanta, Georgia with no ties to Silicon Valley and a business model that eliminates ads, social publishing, data spying, and algorithm feeds.

Our core product is USpace, the privacy, safety and security foundation on which Virtual Storefronts is built. We started building our core network in 2018 and released Professional Services, our first product in April 2020.

Our Terms of Service legally obligate our company to respect the data of the people who use our services.

If the product does not work as advertised and we cannot fix it within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your purchase. Period.

Do you understand both how Keywords and Local Businesses work? We want you working at Virtual Storefronts right now.

Please introduce yourself to us by email at support at unpublished dot space. Let us know how you fit into the digital economy and what informs your Keyword game.

We need Keyword Consultants working with local businesses in towns and cities across the country. Contract positions, good pay.

While we get the ball rolling, referrals from business owners already using Virtual Storefronts are a great way to build our Local Search Engine directory.

Referral is open to anyone. Anyone can refer local businesses and collect $25 cash for each referral, paid by check every Wednesday afternoon in person at our Andrews office or remotely by Venmo or Zelle.

To get your referral link to share anywhere, go to the My Account page and sign in.

Your link automatically appears right there. 

USpace Mission: Solve Problems, Protect People

Track The Virtual Storefronts Story With USpace /Notification Email Newsletters. USpace Is The Company Building And The Future Of Secure, Private and Safe Business Online. Recommended For Shop Local Fans, Merchants, and Fans Of The Next Digital Economy.

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