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Your Virtual Storefront Gives You The Benefits Of A Website Without A Website

One Year Storefront

Save $1000’s on website building, maintenance and local SEO services. Renews at annual rate. Includes Custom QR, Register Ringer & up to 150 keywords

Most Popular!

Two Year Storefront

50% Off Year 2 – Renew in 2 Years
Pioneer’s Perk: Renews at $149 Forever
Includes Custom QR, Register Ringer & up to 225 Keywords

Five Year Storefront

Get Year 4 & 5 Free – Renew in 5 Years
Pioneer’s Perk: Renews at $149 Forever
Includes Custom QR, Register Ringer & up to 300 keywords

Mom & Pop vs. Goliath: Local Stores Join Forces To Conquer Local Search

Drive More Sales & Awareness For Your Business Literally in Minutes

6,422 Google Search Results for DJ's Mobile Home Supplies

Jimmy Stewart at DJ’s Mobile Home Supplies has a proven local search marketing solution for his local, non-chain business.

Do you?

Get the same service Jimmy has for $199 per year, with average results about the same as Jimmy. Order in 5 minutes, get it in 7 days. Launch yourself into local search results now.

The Virtual Storefronts Pledge

We recognize the challenges local businesses face in building websites and competing against giant corporations for online visibility and local search rankings. That’s why we offer a collaborative solution.

We pledge…
To build our technology to meet your needs first, unlike platforms like Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp that serve the public first and create extra work for merchants.

To deliver local marketing for you all year round, while you work, sleep and play.

To showcase the benefits of your business to the public in an attractive, easy to access format.

To provide a simplified alternative to the burden of maintaining an individual website.

To streamline your online marketing, whether you have a website or not.

To provide new data to help improve your business’s rankings in Google Places and organic search results.

To provide detailed, unique data about your business to search engines like Google in a combined database of 14,000 keywords and growing.

To provide a transparent and clear merchant service with no hidden ‘gotcha’ costs, no contracts that lock you in, and a 30 day money-back guarantee for every purchase.

Our mission is to provide technology without the work, so you can have the results of a website without needing a website. We don’t promise to do everything, but we do what we promise.

While we cannot control what Google displays in search results, most of our Cherokee County pilot customers already appear thousands of times a year in local searches. Together, we can level the playing field against corporate giants and elevate local businesses online in communities across the country.

“I am amazed at the power of this platform and what it can do for local businesses around the country. In my opinion, it’s the best ROI for your marketing dollars right now.”​

Paul Counts, Co-Founder Marketing Counts & Nationally Recognized Expert In Search Marketing and Digital Sales

Virtual Storefronts are backed by an endorsement from Paul Counts, one of the top marketing experts in the U.S. who has generated millions in sales for professional athletes and bestselling authors at his Seattle-based agency, Marketing Counts.

Virtual Storefronts Launch Your Online Presence Faster Than Ever

(No Website Required)

68% of our customers didn’t have a website before signing up with Virtual Storefronts. Now our customers not only have a website solution; they have an SEO and local shopper solution — all for only $199/yr


See Virtual Storefronts In..

Tobin Brogunier, inventor of Virtual Storefronts, is a leading expert on technology network effects on Main Street businesses in the United States. Tobin has been featured in national and international publications and podcasts including top rural journal The Daily Yonder, England's Beauty Business Journal, technology journal SuperbCrew, Pete Quinones Show, Gaining the Technology Leadership Edge, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Google Sends You Free Traffic To Your New Storefront

We tell Google EXACTLY what you offer so they index your business and drive you more business.

Virtual Storefronts replaced junky local corporate search results over 36,000 times in January 2024 – up from an excellent 5,540 results in January 2023

Virtual Storefronts replaced junky corporate search results over 36,000 times in January 2024 - up from a respectable 5,540 times in January 2023
Your business is invited to replace corporate junk results with useful local search results from your business.

"Virtual Storefronts offers search engines one of the most complete pictures ever made of local independent businesses by creating a list of Keywords that tell search engines everything your business offers." - Tobin Brogunier, Inventor of Virtual Storefronts

Jaclyn RodriguezWerner
Jaclyn RodriguezWerner
I work in technology industry as a Talent acquisition manager. I was somewhat familiar with building a website. When my husband and I decided to open up our Family Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Center in Murphy, North Carolina I registered the domain. When I met Tobin through Ray from my church, I was in the process of researching which platform I would use to host my website. Tobin immediately understood my problem - I was technically able to build a website, but it was a huge amount of effort in addition to my full time technology job. Not only that, but the time it needed and the delays were holding me up from getting our business online and into action! Tobin told me that he could get my business a web presence for $199 a year that did everything my website would do including local search - and that I wouldn't have to do any work to make this online marketing tool mine. And he said he could do it in 7 days. If he didn't explain it to me completely, I would never have believed it. But he walked me through what they do and it made sense to me. They sent us an unpublished draft in under a week. Then we requested some edits. Hours after our Virtual Storefront was published, it was ranking at the top of "martial arts' and 'jiu jitsu' for our local market. Now our business is showing up in search results for all kinds of terms in my local market. Our Virtual Storefront is doing exactly what I hope our website will do - when I get the time to build it. My experience is that VS does what it says. The time, the headaches are eliminated. The deliverables are exactly what you would hope to get from your own website. I can't wait for this tool to be accessible to every business owner who wants one - it's going to change local economies for the better. I highly recommend Virtual Storefront!!! No regrets, easy, great ROI and tailored to our needs. Amazing customer engagement and response. Absolutely a win for FBJJC!
Jerry Cox
Jerry Cox
I’ve found Virtual Storefronts to be a straightforward solution for enhancing our online visibility, especially on Google search results. Transitioning to this platform was seamless, requiring minimal effort to set up our account. It’s now easier for customers to find and engage with our custom ball cap designs. Highly recommend for businesses looking to boost their online presence with minimal fuss.
Jason Gleason
Jason Gleason
Being a featured business in an app that is dedicated exclusively to promoting local businesses is an awesome way to tell the public you are not the chain store flavor! I love the idea and I love the community that Virtual Storefronts is building for the little guy online. Can't wait to see where this goes!
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson
Great People Great Program
Porchlight Property Opportunities LLC
Porchlight Property Opportunities LLC
Our experience working with Tobin and Ray at Virtual Storefronts was surprisingly easy to finish. After they delivered a draft in a few days, we had a couple of specific changes that we needed. Ray was responsive and happy to make the updates we needed before approving our Storefront. Now we have completely skipped over the need for a website. We even printed the QR code they provide and posted it to our door! Now when people stop by when we are not in the office, they can easily scan the QR and reach us instantly. It's really the best solution we could want to take care of business. And it is marketing for us in search results! This service is 5 stars all the way!
Pam Smith
Pam Smith
The last time Duron tried to make a website, he wanted to pull all his hair out, and he has a lot of hair. Virtual Storefronts made it possible for us to have a web presence without making a website. Now we have a storefront that's easy for everyone to use and we show up for search results for all kinds of things, not just coffee and ice cream, so local shoppers and visitors can find us when they search on Google.
Taylor Truett
Taylor Truett
I started an Etsy a year ago, and I was trying to learn how to do all my own keywords and it was very difficult to get any traction myself. But since getting a virtual storefront they do all my keywords and all my tagging and it pulls amazing Organic results. My Main Street business would be lost without them!
Floyd Walker
Floyd Walker
I was skeptical when I started Virtual Storefronts at first, because why bother with a small local tech startup when everyone is finding everything on Google? Then Tobin explained how my Storefront works with Google to tell Google all about my businesses. My Storefront is coming up regularly in Google search and new customers are able to click on it and learn all about my menu, where we are, what our hours are --- everything they need to know to come in and enjoy their time at Maria's diner. I would never make a website for my restaurants, but for a very good price Virtual Storefronts gives me all the benefits of a website and more. I started out skeptical, but now that I see how they work with the big guys like Google to let tourists and locals know about this business, I'm a fan

Effortless Online Marketing in Minutes

With a Storefront You GET:

All this WITHOUT:

Just launch your Storefront and we do the rest.

One Year Storefront

Save $1000’s on website building, maintenance and third party SEO services in minutes.
Renews at annual rate.

Two Year Storefront

Save $100 Now – Renew in 2 Years

Pioneer’s Perk: Renews at $149/yr Forever

Five Year Storefront

Save $400 Now – Renew in 5 Years

Pioneer’s Perk: Renews at $149/yr Forever

“Virtual Storefronts keep costs low and online impact high…”

“I like technology without the work…! I like Virtual Storefronts.”

“Virtual Storefronts does all my keyword tagging with amazing results.”

“They saw us on the Live Feed and walked up here and bought bathing suits.”

“We need to go from ‘nowhere to be found’ to ‘on the  list.”

“A food truck can compete with a McDonald’s.”

Play Video about “A local food truck can now compete with a McDonald's."

Say Goodbye To Marketing & Technical Headaches For Good


Inventor Tobin Brogunier Statement About Virtual Storefronts
Inventor Tobin Brogunier Statement About Virtual Storefronts

We have already turned down dozens of chain stores worth nearly $10,000 per year because Storefronts are reserved exclusively for non-chain local businesses and are available exclusively online at this website

"You Need To Put Your Marketing Dollars To Virtual Storefronts"

Paul Counts greenlit his Seattle digital marketing firm's Storefront for publication. Shortly after submission to Google, Storefront @MarketingCounts swiftly secured top rankings for digital marketing search terms in Seattle's competitive ad agency market. All achieved with our hassle-free $199/yr Virtual Storefront package with custom Keyword Stack, no website required.

Keeps Your Costs Low And Your Impact High

No Gotchas. No Hidden Costs. 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Storefronts Are An Economical Alternative To The Major Expense And Hassle Of A Website

One Year Storefront

Save $1000’s on website building, maintenance and third party SEO services in minutes.
Renews at annual rate.

Two Year Storefront

Save $100 Now – Renew in 2 Years

Pioneer’s Perk: Renews at $149/yr Forever

Five Year Storefront

Save $400 Now – Renew in 5 Years

Pioneer’s Perk: Renews at $149/yr Forever

Rich Amato keeps costs down at Sals Brooklyn Pizza in Murphy using Virtual Storefronts

"I find that Virtual Storefronts keeps my costs low. I don't have to pay for design. I don't have to pay for a website. For small places like this, it's key to keep costs down." ​

Frequently Ask Questions

Unlocking Local Leads: Why Being Visible Matters

  1. Visibility and Awareness: Showing up in local search results immediately establishes the business’s presence and existence in the area. This visibility can help build brand awareness and remind potential customers that the business is an option for the products or services they’re looking for.
  1. Relevance and Proximity: Local search results prioritize businesses that are physically closest to the user’s search location. Appearing in these results signals to potential customers that the business is conveniently located and relevant to their geographic area.
  1. Credibility and Legitimacy: Search engines like Google and Bing have strict criteria for including businesses in local search results. Being featured in these results lends credibility and legitimacy to the business, implying that it is a well-established and trustworthy option.
  1. Meeting Immediate Needs: Local search results often include essential information like business hours, contact details, and even directions. This information can help potential customers quickly determine if the business meets their immediate needs, even before visiting the website or listing.
  1. Competitive Advantage: With limited real estate in local search results, appearing prominently can give a business a competitive edge over others in the same industry or area that may not be as visible.
  1. Attracting Foot Traffic: For brick-and-mortar businesses, appearing in local search results can directly influence foot traffic and walk-ins from nearby customers searching for relevant products or services.
  1. Establishing Trust: Local search results often include customer reviews and ratings, which can help establish trust and credibility with potential customers before they even engage with the business directly.
  1. Capturing Impulse Buyers: Local search results cater to users with high purchase intent, often searching for businesses while on-the-go or with immediate needs. Appearing in these results can help capture impulse buyers or customers looking to make a quick purchase decision.
  1. Reinforcing Local Presence: For businesses with a strong local focus, appearing in local search results reinforces their commitment to serving the local community and can help build stronger connections with nearby customers.
  1. Promotes Local Economy: Supporting local businesses is often a priority for many consumers. By appearing in local search results, businesses contribute to the promotion and growth of the local economy, fostering a sense of community and support among residents.
  1. Facilitates Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Local search results serve as digital word-of-mouth referrals, especially when accompanied by positive reviews and ratings. Potential customers are more inclined to trust businesses recommended by their peers or endorsed by online communities, leading to increased foot traffic and sales.
12. Long-Term Brand Equity: Consistent visibility in local search results can contribute to long-term brand equity and recognition, ensuring that the business remains top-of-mind for potential customers in the area.

Claim Your Unique URL For Your Store – It Never Changes at

Up To 150 Keywords That Bring Shoppers To Your Shop From Our Local Search Engine and from many Google Search Results (up to 150 for 1 year; up to 225 words for 2 Year; up to 300 for 5 Year subscriptions)

Guaranteed One Year Renewal With Same URL

Hands-Free Ambassador Keyword Creation Included With Setup

Hands-Free Ambassador Storefront Setup Included With Setup

Hands-Free Storefront Preview Delivery For Approval by Text Message or Email (your choice)

Login Credentials For So You Can Instantly Edit Your Business Profile Anytime With Admin Console (easier than editing a Facebook Page)

View Business Profile Changes With Admin Console – 24/7/365 Editing Access

View Full Page Preview With Admin Console

Featured Items Section – Up To 5 Items – Included

Highlights Blog Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included

Customer Feedback Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included

Up to 3 Hands-Free Weekly Automated Announcments delivered with your Approved Storefront

Up to 3 Posts Per Week To Your Town’s Live Feed – A Chronological Bulletin With No Comments To Respond To Includes Local-Only Businesses and Organizations Within A 5 mile radius Of Your Town Center.

Any Shopper Account In The World (Free To The Public) Can Follow Your Storefront Feed In Their “My Custom” Feed

Hands-Free Automated Posting Can Post Evergreen Posts At The Same Time Every Week

Every Storefront Post Is Also Posted In The Nationwide Live Feed Launching in September 2023 On The Home Page Of

Membership to our Facebook Support Community Virtual Storefronts Facebook Group

$50 Referrals Through September 2023 With A Possible Extension: Each Referral To Virtual Storefronts Receives $50 Cash

Contact visit our support widget at the bottom right of this website to contact us or send email to or call or text (800) 559-7838 when you have questions or need help

Short Version:
We guarantee we make useful information available to Google, but we can’t guarantee Google will show it. For more information about what we promise to our customers, watch
The Virtual Storefronts Promise on YouTube.

Longer Version:
Our vision and mission is to create a search environment in the United States in which shoppers can type what they are looking for locally in an online search and find all the local, independent, non-chain businesses that offer what they are looking for.

Our goal is to make downtown as searchable as Amazon or Walmart.

We are already achieving remarkable results in Google search with a small test group of 130 pilot businesses. Storefronts for businesses like yours are, right now, appearing in a mind-blowing 100,000+ search results every three months since Fall 2023, and growing.

By collaborating with Virtual Storefronts to create a voluntary, opt-in, data rich, resource for search engines to learn about your business, not only do you make your business more discoverable, but you make every Storefront on Virtual Storefronts a stronger, more authoritative web presence – harder and harder to ignore by big tech as we grow together.

By providing Google and other search engines with authentic, comprehensive data about your business, these search engines have the totally new opportunity to learn more about your business and small businesses across the country than these search engines have ever been able to learn before, more than any one website could ever accomplish alone.

Yet a variety of variables such as how competitive search terms are in in general; how competitive search terms are for your specific location; and how many other businesses in your location are competing online can affect your keyword ranking in search engines

If you are not satisfied with the Storefront that is delivered to you within 30 days from date of purchase, you can request a full refund. 

Email: for refunds.

Subject line: Money Back Guarantee

Body: Please include the email address and name used at time of purchase and the name of the business as it appears on

Refunds via Stripe can take up to two weeks to complete.

Restaurants, Boutiques, Salons, Farmers Markets, Food Trucks, Art Galleries, Gift Shops, Sign Shops, Event Services, Mobile Services, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Marketers, Cleaning, Landscaping and all other Retail and Professional Services
Any locally-owned, non-major franchise (12 or less locations) business that maintains regular hours and serves the public in a local area is qualified to create, maintain and communicate with the public with a Storefront on 

Nonprofits, Arts Organizations, Veterans Organizations, Churches, Social Service Organizations, Food Cupboards, Chambers of Commerce and other Economic Development Organizations
All are qualified and can use the Local Feed to communicate with the public locally.

Local government officials, School Departments, High School Athletic and Activity Departments, Town Rec Departments, Mayors, Police and Emergency Services and Other Municipal Departments
All can host a Storefront and communicate directly with the public with their Storefront Feed. Municipal and county services please contact for bundled solutions for every department in your town and in some cases, complimentary Storefront packages as needed.

If you are uncertain if your business or organization qualifies, take this 4 question quiz on our website to determine if you are eligible for a Storefront. Storefronts are determined eligible at the sole discretion of Uspace, the company that builds Virtual Storefronts. Any Storefront that violates the Terms of Service or Live Feed publishing terms of service can be unpublished at the sole discretion of Upsace.

We wish we could include all business owners, but the purpose of Virtual Storefronts is to provide a powerful nationwide marketing solution for businesses without access to nationwide chain store or franchise marketing. You must be accepted to host a Virtual Storefront.  

From Jan 2023 to June 2023, started appearing from over 5,000 times per month to over 30,000 times per month. Google keeps coming back to us because our Merchant Ambassadors are creating high quality information about businesses Google has almost no information about – which means Google is crawling our Storefront pages to learn everything that is available locally.

Our content is all about unique local businesses. Chains aren’t for us. We have had to turn down a chain with dozens of locations worth about $10,000 a year in sales, because the space at is 100% reserved for non-chain locally owned businesses like yours.

Not sure you’re qualified? You can take the one minute “Are You Main Street” 4 Question Quiz to determine if you’re eligible before checking out. If you are not accepted to host a Storefront and continue with checkout, thank you for your interest! You will receive a full refund.

Every Virtual Storefront will be assigned a dedicated profile URL when it is created. 

Your Virtual Storefront is the ‘home base’ for your business information and profile on

You can request a specific URL like Otherwise we create a Storefront automatically. For example Cups and Cones Cafe has the URL

Custom, dedicated URLs will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Note: Your URL and the URL are not case sensitive. We use capitalization only for legibility and emphasis.

Every Storefront is created by a Merchant Ambassador who is assigned to build and deliver your Storefront in about 7 days. Your Merchant Ambassador is currently delivering your Storefront to you by text message or email (you choose at signup). While we strive for a “Time To Launch” of 7 days, higher sales volume may increase delivery times in the future.

Your Subscription begins when we take your order and begin working on your Storefront.

We are currently developing our affiliate sales program in advance of our 2024 Nationwide product launch.

Sign up now to become and affiliate at our Affiliate Program Dashboard and we will keep you in the loop about our Nationwide launch and how you can make money sharing Virtual Storefronts with your business network.

You are invited to join our online Support Group at

Our payment provider Stripe is set up to email you a notification that your annual renewal is coming up at least 28 days before your card is charged including a reminder that you can cancel at that time. 

If you want to cancel at any time:

Please call or text (828) 414-4263 to make your request or email us:


Subject Line: Cancel Subscription

Body: Please include the name and email address you used to make your initial purchase. We will cancel your subscription within two weeks of receipt and you will not be billed for anything as soon as we receive your request.

Our office hours are from 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday, Eastern Time.

Call or text: (828) 414-4263


Facebook Messenger us on our Facebook Page at Virtual Storefronts By Uspace