One Year Virtual Storefront


Introductory Offer: Join during Early Enrollment and receive a discount on your one year Storefront from $199 to $99 with fixed annual renewal of $99. Setup includes your listing in our *exclusively* Local Search Engine at for one year.

Search Engine Optimized For Google, Bing, Yahoo And All Online Search Engines
Your Storefront acts as a website loaded with the keywords Google and other search engines use in their search results. Even merchants with active websites use Storefronts, because Storefronts support your presence across the web and can be edited easier than a Facebook Profile.

Our Vision: Search Local, Not Global
Placement in the Virtual Storefronts means customers can search for what they want and find your business instantly. Your shop makes the presence of your neighbor more powerful, together local shops build a better and better solution for local shoppers. Each town grows the network to a region… What started with you buying one Storefront turns into a shopping solution for local shoppers and tourists across the country.

Local Merchants In Cherokee County North Carolina

Local Merchants With Websites On In Our Cherokee County North Carolina Pilot


If you haven’t created your Storefront yet, go to Merchant Registration at to create it before checking out. The Demo and Tutorial is on our home page here.

After you complete your purchase, we will review your Storefront and Publish it if we find no problems. Please contact with any questions.

By purchasing a Storefront here, you agree to the Merchant Terms and Conditions below.

Thank you for being a Merchant Partner at Virtual Storefronts!
Tobin Brogunier


Claim Your Virtual Storefront For Your Business Now

  • Claim Your Unique URL For Your Store – It Never Changes at
  • Up To 50 Keywords That Bring Shoppers To Your Shop From Our Local Search Engine (currently we are not limiting keywords)
  • One Year Listing, Guaranteed Renewal With Same URL
  • Automated Onboarding In 5 Minutes (see demo on home page)
  • Ambassador Keyword Assistance
  • Ambassador Business Profile Setup
  • Edit Your Business Profile With Admin Console
  • Edit Your Business Profile With Admin Console Preview
  • Full Screen Business Profile Preview
  • Featured Items – Included
  • Highlights Blog Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included
  • Customer Feedback Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included
  • Chat And Checkout Storefront Upgrade Option at $49/mo (planned for 2024)
  • Merchant Support On Facebook And Email
  • Technical Support For Your Shopper Customers
  • 3″x5″ All-Weather Merchant Partner Door Badge For Your Local Business (while supplies last)
  • Merchant Welcome Kit
  • Intake is first come, first served. The sooner you purchase, the sooner your Storefront goes Live.



Hoppy Trout In Andrews, North Carolina

Hoppy Trout In Andrews, NC


Finding a way to reach the local audience has been our biggest advertising challenge. Facebook doesn’t even work very well for my business. When I go to my page, I have to scroll through a ton of stuff just to see my latest post and maybe 1% of my fans are seeing what I post. It’s hit or miss at best. I would be done with Facebook if it weren’t for business. That’s 100% true. I see great potential to reach my local audience with The Local Search Engine. Our Profile is easily worth $100.”   Tommy Rowdeck, Owner Hoppy Trout Brewing Co.




Pilot Program Provisional Terms and Conditions: By making this purchase, you agree to participate in the Merchant Partner Pilot Program for Virtual Storefronts.

Product: Seller agrees to provide Buyer a Virtual Storefront as demonstrated in Web App located at Buyers agrees to hold seller harmless for any errors or omissions related to the fulfillment of their Storefront; publishing of their data correct or incorrect; or any interaction or representation of Buyer’s business with visitors to the website and web app.

Fair Use For Promotion: Unless you specifically request that images that represent your business; your business being a Merchant Partner public disclosures on video, print and web; and other reasonable disclosure and promotion of your participation in is not disclosed, we reserve the right to use this information for promotion.

Good Faith: This agreement is entered into by both parties in Good Faith, meaning that each party holds itself responsible for upholding the basic ethical standards required for to conduct business in a reasonable, honest, and lawful manner.

Delivery of Data: Buyer understands that certain data is required from them to be delivered to fulfill product delivery by Buyer agrees to not hold Seller responsible for delivery of product, refund or liability in any instance in which Seller has not been provided with data required to produce a Virtual Storefront for the Buyer. Buyers can submit and edit submitted data in the Google Form located at

Refund: If Uspace does not, or cannot for whatever reason, provide an “as is” product as demonstrated at the, Buyer will be issued a refund for full amount of purchase. Products that are produced and delivered as demonstrated are non-refundable.

Future development: Buyers are granted all upgrades to the platform in the future associated with the core Merchant Partner package as the product grows and evolves.

Terms and Conditions updates: Buyer understands that purchasing a product in a Pilot Program means terms and conditions for that product may be adapted and changed to better suit the mission of the product and service in the future. For this reason, Buyer agrees to periodic updates and changes to the Merchant Partner terms of service as they evolve in the future. Renewal occurs annually on the day before today. If your card information is stored, unless your subscription is cancelled, your renewal may be automatically charged to the credit card provided.

Updated terms and conditions will be updated when pilot program is concluded.